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A SQRL client for Windows Phone 8
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A SQRL client for Windows Phone 8, currently as a proof of concept. Release 0.4 has:

  • authentication following the latest SQRL specification (2013-10-13)
    • scans SQRL QR codes
    • verifies passwords, using scrypt parameters: N=2^14, r=8, p=1
    • sends the SQRL authentication query via GET+POST
  • identity management
    • create, using randomness from camera images, the clock, and the PRNG
    • export as a QR code, using scrypt parameters: N=2^14, r=8, p=100 (NB: output format has not been standardized yet)
    • import an exported identity from the QR code

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To build

You will need the Windows Phone 8 SDK, with the following packages downloaded through NuGet:


This app incorporates the following C code, appropriately modified:


Apache License 2.0

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