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🌟🌟🌟 Looking for a maintainer. 🌟🌟🌟 This project needs your care and knowledge of VIM. Open an issue if you want to take that role.



ayu is still in development and a lot of things need to be covered. Theme works only if VIM supports termguicolors option. This is true for Neovim and VIM from 7.4.1799.


Plug 'ayu-theme/ayu-vim' " or other package manager
set termguicolors     " enable true colors support
let ayucolor="light"  " for light version of theme
let ayucolor="mirage" " for mirage version of theme
let ayucolor="dark"   " for dark version of theme
colorscheme ayu

Term colors

For now In /term you can find color schemes for iTerm. More to come.

Indent line

To get indent line like in the screenshot install with my version of Roboto Mono for Powerline from this repo and add this config. In this Roboto Mono version added powerline glyphs and increased line-height of the font itself.

" IndentLine {{
let g:indentLine_char = ''
let g:indentLine_first_char = ''
let g:indentLine_showFirstIndentLevel = 1
let g:indentLine_setColors = 0
" }}