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stimulus controllers for mapbox-gl
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Stimulus Controllers for Mapbox GL

You need to create a controller which extends MapboxController.

For example controllers/mapController.js:

import { MapboxController } from "stimulus-mapbox-gl";
export default class extends MapboxController {

  // Optional
  defaultConfig() {
    return {
      /* your specific mapbox configuration */

  // Optional. Will expand from the "style" config value.
  // If this callback is not present, the "style" needs to have a full URL.
  getStyleUrl(style) {
    return ""+style"/style.json";

  // Do something when the map has loaded.
  onMapLoaded(map) {

  // Cleanup if needed
  onMapUnloaded(map) {

<div data-controller="mapboxgl" data-map-config="json"></div>

The JSON configuration object is similar to the object you'll pass to mapboxgl.Map(), with a few notable additions:

  • accessToken,
  • style can be expanded by the getStyleUrl() callback,
  • sources can be an object of multiples sources you'd normally add with map.addSource,
  • layers can be an object of multiples layers you'd normally add with map.addLayer,
  • controls can be an object to add an configure the different controls. Unset a key to disable the control:
    • with an extra option position : the position of the control, passed as a second argument to map.addControl
  "controls": {
    "scale": {},
    "geolocate": {"trackUserLocation": false}
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