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1. Desktop

Use armhf variant with Ubuntu Mate as one that offers the best compatibility and performance.

Credentials: rock64/rock64

2. Bionic / Container Linux

It has Docker Community Edition / Docker Compose / Kubernetes-admin installed for easy Containers use.

Credentials: rock64/rock64

3. OpenMediaVault

Use armhf variant as one that offers the best compatibility.

Credentials: admin/openmediavault (for Web), root/openmediavault (for Console).
To enable SSH for OMV go to Web > SSH > Permit Root Login > Save > Apply


sudo apt-get update -y
sudo apt-get install linux-rock64 -y
sudo apt-get install linux-rockpro64 -y
sudo apt-get install linux-pinebookpro -y



  • 0.8.0rc13: RockPro64: enable RTC, SPDIF, IR, fix GMAC from suspend,
  • 0.8.0rc13: Fix Chromium User Agent to make Netflix happy,
  • 0.8.0rc12: Make Rock64 v3 to work, Yay!
  • 0.8.0rc11: Fix pcie0 and sdio0 on RockPro64 (it should be always stable),
  • 0.8.0rc11: Compile-in CONFIG_PHY_ROCKCHIP_PCIE into kernel,
  • 0.8.0rc11: Add rockpi4b build-target,
  • 0.8.0rc11: Lock DDR freq to 1600MHz on Rock64,
  • 0.8.0rc11: Enable 3D acceleration for Rock64,
  • 0.8.0rc10: Fix booting mate on Rock64, but without 3D acceleration for now,
  • 0.8.0rc9: Fix long start issue due to removed /etc/machine-id,
  • 0.8.0rc9: Prefer PageFlip=false as it removes flickering,
  • 0.8.0rc8: Fix display on Pinebook Pro
  • 0.8.0rc7: Fix performance regression of xserver,
  • 0.8.0rc7: Enable rga device for rock/pinebook/pro64
  • 0.8.0rc6: Disable swrast to improve compositing performance,
  • 0.8.0rc6: Enable compositing-manager marco for Mate,
  • 0.8.0rc6: Fix display of desktop icons for Mate,

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