My collection of iOS specific, as well as general programming questions.
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Which cannot be retained?

1.) UITableView 2.) NSNumber 3.) NSInteger 4.) NSObject

Answer: NSInteger

Justification: Not really meant to be a trick question, but helps determine if they understand objects/pointers vs primitive types.

Potential follow up:

How might you add an NSInteger to a dictionary or array?

Answer: "Box" the value into an NSNumber. (i.e. @(1) or [NSNumber numberWithInteger:1]; )

Justification: Closely related to why an understanding of objects/primitives is important in day-to-day Obj-C coding.

In the context of iOS, what is a delegate?

Rookie college student answer: It is something you hook up a to that runs code to create cells/perform an action/etc…

Jedi Answer: It is a design pattern leveraging Objective-C protocols used extensively by Apple in iOS. A delegate is simply a pointer to an object that a delegate holder knows how to call. The pattern allows for highly customizable classes and controls with minimum coupling to "owners" of the class or control.

A block cannot:

1.) Be subclassed 2.) Be retained or released 3.) Access 'self' from the scope in which it is declared 4.) Be passed as an argument

Answer: Be subclassed

Justification: This one should be pretty trivial to anyone who has even a trivial understanding of blocks, an important Objective-C feature. It also weeds out those who don't know what a block is, which would raise a red flag that a candidate may be a "did the tutorial" iOS developer.

What is ARC? How does it work?

Rookie college student answer: It allows me to write Objective-C code without retain/release.

Jedi Answer: It is a compiler features that uses analysis from the Clang Static Analyzer to automatically inserts the proper retain/release calls. This both minimized the amount of code that needs to be written, as well as help prevent developer error.