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Python wrapper for Microsoft Translate services.

The API lets you:

  1. Detect language for given text.
  2. Translate given text to another language supported by Microsft Translate.
  3. access_token is managed by the package itself.


$ import mstranslator.translator as translator

# Create Config instance.
$ config = translator.Config("Client ID", "Client Secret")

# Create translator instance using the Config instance. This instance now uses
# the same config for all translation related tasks. You can create more than
# one instances if required.
$ translator = translator.Translator(config)

# Detect language of the given text. The detected language's code and an
# authorization header is returned.
$ translator.detect_language("Hello")

 u'Authorization Header')

# Translate a given text to another language (Hindi used in example here).
# Authorization header generated above in detect language call can be reused.
# If not given in argument, a new one is generated.
$ print translator.translate("hello", 'en', 'hi', u'Authorization Header')


Steps to upload to PyPI

$ git pull
$ vi # Edit version here.
$ git commit -m "Update version to #NEW_VERSION"
$ python check # Should return no errors or warnings.
$ git tag # NEW_VERSION
$ git push --tags
$ git push
$ python sdist upload -r pypi # Upload to PyPI


Ayush Goel,


mstranslator-2016 is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.