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A beautifully fast library to create functional dashboard for ESP8266 and ESP32
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ESP-DASH is a Blazing fast library to create functional and realtime dashboard for ESP8266 & ESP32 Microcontrollers. It is not dependent on Internet. DASH V2 is the successor of previous generation and is fully rewritten to enhance performance and realtime capabilites. DASH V2 includes Line Charts, Temperature Cards, Humidity Cards and Buttons etc to create a perfect dashboard which is accessible locally via your device IP without the need of an internet connection.


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  • Works on Websockets
  • Realtime updates
  • Graphs Support
  • Interactive UI Components
  • Uses Async Webserver for better performance


For ESP8266:
  • ESP8266 Arduino Core - v2.5.0
  • ESPAsyncTCP - v1.2.0
  • ESPAsyncWebServer - v1.2.0
  • ArduinoJson - v6.8.0
For ESP32:
  • ESP32 Arduino Core - v1.0.1
  • AsyncTCP - v1.0.3
  • ESPAsyncWebServer - v1.2.0
  • ArduinoJson - v6.8.0


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ESP-DASH is licensed under General Public License v3 ( GPLv3 ).


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