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Getting Started

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ESP-DASH is blazing fast UI Library which creates functional dashboards for your ESP8266 or ESP32 Microcontrollers. ESP-DASH uses ESPAsyncWebServer + Websockets to provide realtime updates on dashboard. Over that the frontend UI is made with Vuejs Framework which allows the size of whole package to be very less. (Around 200kb gzipped only).

How to Install

Directly Through Arduino IDE ( Currently Submitted for Approval. Use Mannual Install till it gets Approved.)

Go to Sketch > Include Library > Library Manager > Search for "ESP-DASH" > Install

Mannual Install

For Windows: Download the Repository and extract the .zip in Documents>Arduino>Libraries>{Place "ESP-DASH" folder Here}

For Linux: Download the Repository and extract the .zip in Sketchbook>Libraries>{Place "ESP-DASH" folder Here}

Mannually through IDE

Download the Repository, Go to Sketch>Include Library>Add .zip Library> Select the Downloaded .zip File.


This Library is dependent on the following libraries to function properly.

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