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System cleaners written in CleanerML used by BleachBit. Free disk space and maintain privacy.
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CleanerML Repository

This repository is an experiment whether GitHub provides an efficient platform for a community to develop safe and effective system cleaners. If the experiment is successful, BleachBit will provide automated access to this repository to support a wide variety of applications. For more background read the announcement.


CleanerML is a simple yet powerful markup language for writing cleaners. Most of BleachBit's cleaners are written in CleanerML, and you can write your own cleaners in CleanerML too.

You can think of it as writing XML to delete files, but it is more powerful than that.


BleachBit is an open source system cleaner for Windows and Linux.

How to contribute

  1. Download BleachBit
  2. Read Documentation on CleanerML
  3. Read Contributing a cleaner
  4. Write your own cleaner or review someone else's submission

How to use

In the future automated sync may be as easy as checking one option, but for now you must manually download and copy the files to your personal cleaners directory. The easiest way to find the directory is to open BleachBit, click Help, click System Information, and look for personal_cleaner_dir.


The directory pending contains cleaners that are waiting for someone to verify they are safe and effective.

The directory release contains cleaners that are considered safe and effective.


The contents of this repository are licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3 or later. Do not submit work for which you do not own the copyright or which cannot be licensed under the GNU GPL v3+.

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