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this repository contains all tools necessary for building remote AND online weather stations using davis vantage vue (or vantage pro) kit.

to be precise, this includes:

  • an implementation of the workaround for the infamous "green dot" vendor lock-in, written in C for a Microchip pic16f88 (without any external components),

  • a data gatherer program (in perl) that fetches the weather readings from a davis console at configurable intervals, then condenses and uploads the data to a server on the net,

  • a data collector program (in perl) that listens for such uploads and saves the data in an sqlite database, and optionally uploads it to weather underground and/or the bom/uk-metoffice weather observations website,

  • and a graph generator tool (using gnuplot) and a cgi script to present readings and graphs. both are written in perl.

there is a little bit of extra documentation on my site at

all code is (c) 2015 Alexander Zangerl, and is free and open-source software, licensed under the GPL Version 2.

share and enjoy :-)