I provide easier access to Java's underlying crypto / security methods (before ColdFusion 10 introduced hmac() method).
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Crypto.cfc - Crypto / Security Methods For ColdFusion

by Ben Nadel (www.bennadel.com)

ColdFusion 10 introduced the hmac() function for generating secure, hashed message authentication codes (HMAC). This function makes dealing with 3rd-Party APIs much easier. Before ColdFusion 10, however, you would need to dip down into the Java layer to access the security libraries. This ColdFusion component - Crypto.cfc - attempts to make access to such libraries easier and more concise.

Currently Supported Methods

  • hmacMd5( key, input [, encoding] )
  • hmacSha1( key, input [, encoding] )
  • hmacSha256( key, input [, encoding] )

Encoding defults to "hex"; however, the following value are acceptable:

  • "hex" - Ruturns the hash as a hex-encoded string.
  • "base64" - Returns the hash as a base64-encoded string.
  • "binary" - Returns the hash as a byte array.