CfStatic is a framework for managing the inclusion and packaging of css and javascript in CFML applications.
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CFStatic is a framework for the inclusion and packaging of CSS and JavaScript files for CFML applications by Dominic Watson (

CFStatic takes care of:

  • Minifying your CSS and JavaScript
  • Including your CSS and JavaScript in the correct order, with all dependencies satisfied
  • Adding sensible cachebusters to CSS image paths and CSS and JavaScript includes

Key features:

  • Minifies your files for you using YuiCompressor
  • Compiles your LESS CSS for you
  • Dependency configuration through JavaDoc style documentation
  • Easy, zero-code, switching between inclusion of raw source files and minified files
  • Small API, only 4 public methods (including the constructor)
  • Three minify modes (All, Package and File)
  • Built for production; no need for CSS and JavaScript file packaging in your build scripts, code can be put in production
  • Minified files are saved to disk, CF is not involved in serving the files


Other resources

Authors Blog :

Source :

Issues :