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The main Gentoo package tree sometimes lacks crucial packages for ricing. Some of them do exist but, for example, live ebuilds are not present or broken. This overlay is aimed to fix these issues and promote Gentoo as a favorable distribution for those who want to customize their desktop, without polluting and going through a hassle of adding packages to the main tree (read as: to avoid responsibility).

Installing and Using

With layman:

layman -a ricerlay
layman -S
emerge <package>

With eselect-repository:

eselect repository enable ricerlay
emerge --sync
emerge <package>

Getting Involved

Please do contribute!

If you are willing to help, there is a list that contains packages needed to be added or updated. However, you are not limited to only working with it. You are encouraged to add interesting packages related to ricing, customization and workflow improvement.

Some packages here I no longer use or maybe even too lazy to bump to upstream versions. Please report any issues rearding that.

Making PRs

Make sure you are familiar with how to write and how to format ebuilds and ebuild repositories. The Gentoo's official and up-to-date guide can be found here. In addition, to make a good PR that will surely get accepted, I recommend reading this.

Example workflow could look like this (commented out are actions that you perform outside of your shell):

### Fork this repository ###
git clone<your github username>/ricerlay.git
### Make changes ###
### Test build everything ###
### Check for QA errors ###
git add <your changes>
git commit -m "<category>/<package>: <Briefly state your changes>"
git push -f origin master
### Create a PR ###

Consider commiting changes per-package, don't commit multiple packages at once. Make sure you write a meaningful commit message (you can use two or three words if you think that changes are self-explanatory), for example:

some-category/some-package: Briefly state yor changes

If needed, explain the reasoning behind your commit or provide information,
changelog, upstream notes and etc. related to the packae in the subsection
of the commit message. Remember to reference GitHub tracked issues if you
are working on a fix, for example: Bug #420, Fixes #69.

Check your changes with app-portage/repoman and app-portage/overlint for possible QA errors.

If you are submiting a new package, include yourself as a maintainer in the metadata.xml file, for example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE pkgmetadata SYSTEM "">
    <maintainer type="person">
        <name>YOUR NAME OR HANDLE</name>

And finally, consider using indentation guides from .editorconfig file so that the code in the overlay stays uniform. In short, both .ebuild and .xml files are using tabs. You are free to do what you consider the best in the ${FILESDIR} with patches and whatnot.



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