Machine learning techniques used to predict hospital room admissions.
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Hospital Admission Machine Learning

This is the top level directory for the application. Each sub-directory contains a README with the respective information for that directory.

File Structure

  • data

    The original data provided by the hospital. The data is not saved to the repository!

  • data-generator

    Generates multi-dimensional linear data with an optional amount of normally distributed noise.

  • experiment

    Experimentation with alternative algorithms, such as Support Vector Machines (SVM).

  • feature-extractor

    Python application that reads in the original hospital data and extracts the feature sets.

  • production

    Contains the production C++ code for the final implementation of the RKGERS algorithm.

  • prototype

    Experiment different approaches to the RKGERS algorithm.

  • results

    Results from various algorithms applied to different data sets.

  • tmp

    Blank directory used for temporary files. No data is contained in this folder.