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iBeacon Enabled Tracking App
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Baggage Claim


iBeacon Enabled Tracking App


Arrived - iBeacon Tracking is an iPhone app which let's you track your belongings with the support of iBeacons. The app allows the user to add their belongings including the pictures. Each item is represented by Photo, Name, UUID, Major Id and Minor Id. Using this information a person can easily track when the iBeacon came in range.

You can even use it for something REALLY practical like finding out when your Boss arrives in the office so you can get back to work. Simply attach an iBeacon to your Boss and get notified when the Boss comes in range of the application. Using this technique I have utilized countless numbers of hours watching CAT VIDEOS!



Don't have an iBeacon

No worries! You can treat your Mac as an iBeacon using the following Mac application.

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