Jade problem checks against solution for hello world... #8

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$ expressworks verify jade.js 
Verifying "JADE"...

ACTUAL                             EXPECTED
------                             --------
"<h1>Hello World</h1><p>Today is Wed Dec 11 2013.</p>" != "Hello World!"                 

Your solution to JADE didn't match the expected output.
Try again!

thanks for putting these lessons together!


This happens to me too. What gives? I don't see anything crazy going on in the code for that problem.


My thought was that when the solution calls
res.render('index' ... )

Perhaps it is somehow erroneously loading the 'index' template for the hello_world exercise. Just a hunch.

@azat-co azat-co was assigned Dec 30, 2013

Same happened to me; looks like this is the same issue as #7. The reference process from 'hello world' is still hanging around, so it sends back the wrong data to check against.


this might be related to nodeschool/discussions#214 (comment)

@azat-co azat-co closed this Feb 26, 2014

Speaking only for myself, when this issue occurred for me it was definitely not that I had selected the wrong scenario.

For whatever reason, the solution process for exercise 1 was still running after I had moved on to exercise 2, so when I tried to verify ex 2, workshopper silently failed to start the solution process for ex 2, and then instead checked my script against the result for exercise 1. Once I killed the leftover node process, it worked properly without having to re-select the exercise.


@aaroncm so killall node? sounds good to me ;-)

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