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Rapid Prototyping with JS examples

UPDATE: I'm publishing the new, updated and revised version of this book under the new title Fullstack JavaScript. Go to for more details.

Rapid Prototyping with JS is a JavaScript and Node.js book that will teach you how to build mobile and web apps fast. — Read more at

Part II — Building Front-End Application

Part III — Building Back-End Application

  • hello

    NodeJS "Hello World" app, ready for deployment

  • test

    Chat back-end: TDD with run-time storage

  • db

    Simple app to test local database connection with MongoDB Native Driver

  • mongo

    Chat back-end: MongoDB storage, ready for deployment

Part IV — Putting it All Together

  • board

    Chat front-end without back end

  • node

    Chat back-end with CORS

Part V — Beyond Core Modules