Super Simple Backbone Starter Kit and Boilerplate
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Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 support, and updated versions to Backbone, Underscore and jQuery

Super Simple Backbone Starter Kit

Dependencies (already included)

  • RequireJS 2.0.2 included in /libs
  • RequireJS Text plug-in 2.0.0 included in /libs
  • jQuery 1.10.2 hot-linked from Google APIs
  • Backbone 1.10.2 hot-linked from CDNJS
  • Underscore 1.5.2 hot-linked from CDNJS
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3.0.2 included in /css, /js, /fonts


Just download/fork/clone and launch index.html in a browser with HTTP server. You can use simple npm http-server:


I found Backbone Boilerplate too complicated and too big for the boilerplate.

Another good sample app Sample App with Backbone.js and Twitter Bootstrap

More tutorials

To do

  • Add models and collections
  • Add extra page with examples