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.TH "makeself" "1" "2.1.6"
makeself \- An utility to generate self-extractable archives.
.B makeself [\fIoptions\fP] archive_dir file_name label
.B [\fIstartup_script\fP] [\fIargs\fP]
This program is a free (GPL) utility designed to create self-extractable
archives from a directory.
The following options are supported.
.TP 15
.B -v, --version
Prints out the makeself version number and exits.
.B -h, --help
Print out help information.
.B --gzip
Compress using gzip (default if detected).
.B --bzip2
Compress using bzip2.
.B --compress
Compress using the UNIX 'compress' command.
.B --nocomp
Do not compress the data.
.B --notemp
The archive will create archive_dir in the current directory and
uncompress in ./archive_dir.
.B --copy
Upon extraction, the archive will first copy itself to a temporary directory.
.B --append
Append more files to an existing makeself archive. The label and startup scripts will then be ignored.
.B --current
Files will be extracted to the current directory. Both --current and --target dir imply --notemp.
.B --target dir
Extract directly to a target directory. Directory path can be either absolute or relative.
.B --header file
Specify location of the header script.
.B --follow
Follow the symlinks in the archive.
.B --noprogress
Do not show the progress during the decompression.
.B --nox11
Disable automatic spawn of an xterm if running in X11.
.B --nowait
Do not wait for user input after executing embedded program from an xterm.
.B --nomd5
Do not create a MD5 checksum for the archive.
.B --nocrc
Do not create a CRC32 checksum for the archive.
.B --lsm file
LSM file describing the package.
Makeself has been written by Stéphane Peter <>.
This man page was originally written by Bartosz Fenski <> for the
Debian GNU/Linux distribution (but it may be used by others).