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Nodeunit contributors (sorted alphabeticaly)

  • Alex Gorbatchev

    • Deeper default object inspection
    • Timeout to ensure flushing of console output (default reporter)
  • Alex Wolfe

    • HTML test reporter
  • Caolan McMahon

    • Author and maintainer
    • Most features develpopment
  • Carl Fürstenberg

    • Debian-friendly Makefile, supports both 'node' and 'nodejs' executables
    • Sandbox utility
    • Minimal test reporter
  • Gerad Suyderhoud

    • First comand-line tool
  • Kadir Pekel

    • Improvements to default test reporter
    • HTTP test utility
  • Matthias Lübken

    • Utility functions for tracking incomplete tests on exit
  • Oleg Efimov

    • Adding 'make lint' and fixing nodelint errors
    • Option parsing, --help text and config file support
    • Reporters option for command-line tool
  • Orlando Vazquez

    • Added jUnit XML reporter
  • Ryan Dahl

    • Add package.json
  • Sam Stephenson

    • Coffee-script support
  • Thomas Mayfield

    • Async setUp and tearDown support for testCase

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