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pgettext and buddies

Default installation of gettext in php lacks support for pgettext et al. This php script adds support for those, as well as an gettext_noop wrapper.

For this to work when extracting strings using xgettext, many keyword parameters needs to be filed, A wrapper script called php-xgettext might be used to simplify this.

Following functions are exported:

  • pgettext($msg_ctxt, $msgid)
  • dpgettext($domain, $msg_ctxt, $msgid)
  • dcpgettext($domain, $msg_ctxt, $msgid, $category)
  • npgettext($msg_ctxt, $msgid, $msgid_plural, $n)
  • dnpgettext($domain, $msg_ctxt, $msgid, $msgid_plural, $n)
  • dcnpgettext($domain, $msg_ctxt, $msgid, $msgid_plural, $n, $category)
  • gettext_noop($msgid)
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