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Commits on Feb 18, 2012
  1. @edavis10

    Add custom_field helper for custom fields on time entries

    unknown authored edavis10 committed
    Based on contribution by Vladimir Dzalbo
Commits on Apr 11, 2010
  1. @edavis10
  2. @edavis10

    Version bump to 0.4.0

    edavis10 authored
  3. @edavis10

    Bumping Redmine version

    edavis10 authored
  4. @edavis10
  5. @edavis10

    Readme updates

    edavis10 authored
  6. @edavis10
  7. @edavis10
  8. @edavis10
Commits on Mar 29, 2010
  1. @edavis10

    Refactor: Extract method

    edavis10 authored
Commits on Mar 26, 2010
  1. @edavis10
  2. @edavis10
  3. @edavis10
  4. @edavis10

    Refactor: Rewrite the StuffToDo to consolidate the conditionals

    edavis10 authored
    Replaces the multiple if/elsif with a single method call and pushes
    the User/IssueStatus/IssuePriority object detection down into
  5. @edavis10

    Redmine 0.8 compatibility fix

    edavis10 authored
  6. @edavis10
  7. @edavis10

    Use #blank? for Rails 2.1.2

    edavis10 authored
  8. @edavis10

    [#2683] Use Issue#css_classes

    edavis10 authored
  9. @edavis10
  10. @edavis10
  11. @edavis10

    Added Brazilian tranlations

    Rui Andrada authored edavis10 committed
  12. @abeaumont @edavis10

    Added spanish translation}

    abeaumont authored edavis10 committed
  13. @davidelbe @edavis10

    Added Swedish language files.

    davidelbe authored edavis10 committed
  14. @pacso @edavis10

    added dutch locale

    pacso authored edavis10 committed
  15. @edavis10
  16. @sio4 @edavis10

    add new korean translation.

    sio4 authored edavis10 committed
  17. @edavis10
  18. @edavis10
  19. @edavis10
  20. @edavis10
  21. @edavis10
  22. @edavis10

    [#2958] Removed the local save when adding a TimeEntry via the time grid

    edavis10 authored
    Instead of saving each TimeEntry to the HTML page, they will now be sent
    directly to Redmine and saved immediately.  The two step save was a good
    idea but in practice, many users forgot to confirm their time before leaving
    the page, thus losing their work.
    * Removed StuffToDoController#save_time_entries
    * Removed StuffToDoController#valid_time_entry
    * Added StuffToDoController#save_time_entry to save one TimeEntry from the
      facebox form
    * Moved the TimeEntry saving and Time Grid validations to
    * Removed the jQuery used for local saves, remote saves, and updating the
      time grid after a local save.
    * Changed the saveTimeEntriesRemotely() jQuery method to send the data to
      Redmine and re-render the Time Grid on success.
    * Updated specs
  23. @edavis10
  24. @edavis10
  25. @edavis10
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