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This directory contains testing infrastructure. Note that not all of
the pieces here are local to SCons.
What you're looking at right now.
Configuration for our packaging build, to copy the necessary
parts of the infrastructure into a build directory.
The TestCmd infrastructure for testing external commands.
These are for generic command testing, are used by some
other projects, and are developed separately from SCons.
(They're developed by SK, but still...)
We've captured the unit tests (Test* for these files
along with the actual modules themselves to make it a little
easier to hack on them for our purposes. Note, however,
that any SCons-specific functionality should be implemented
in one of the
Test infrastructure for our script.
Test infrastructure for SCons itself.
Test infrastructure for SCons' Visual Studio support.
Test infrastructure for the script.
Test infrastructure for the script.
Pieces for the use of QMTest to test SCons. We're moving away
from this infrastructure, in no small part because we're not
really using it as originally envisioned.
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