Friendlytag: Group existing issue tags when tagging (TW-B-361) #13

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Amalthea commented Jun 5, 2011

Per TW-B-361:
When adding issue tags to an article, existing tags should be grouped into the same {{multiple issues}} tag.


Amalthea commented Jun 13, 2011

This could also work as an "untag" function: All recognized tags already on the page are preselected when you open the dialog, and by de-selecting and submitting you untag an article.
Con: people need to find those marked checkboxes in the long list; We could make that easier though by highlighting them.


Ebe123 commented Jun 16, 2011

That would be good.


Amalthea commented Jun 30, 2011

Also: should recognize redirects to the tags, at least for some of the most used ones. That is also relevant for the "there's already a FOO tag on the article" warnings.

atlight was assigned Sep 4, 2011


theopolisme commented Apr 7, 2013

I really like the untag suggestion above.


atlight commented Apr 7, 2013

It would be nice, wouldn't it. I actually started working on this a while ago: in case anyone is curious, this is what I came up with at the time (it's a diff based on a very old version of friendlytag, so you would probably have to manually merge it). It was very hackish, and were I to start working on this again, I would probably start from scratch.


mc10 commented Jun 30, 2013

To grab the list of templates transcluded on a page, using the API can be very helpful. Notice that tltemplates is almost exactly what we want if we are just checking what tag templates already exist on a page.

atlight added the Module: tag label Jun 1, 2014

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