Rollback should report error when revision trips the spam blacklist #138

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If you use Twinkle to roll back one or more edits to a previous version of a page which contains an external link to a URL on the MediaWiki spam blacklist, then Twinkle will falsely report that the rollback was successful.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a page [[foo]] which contains a link to
  2. Add \\b to [[MediaWiki:Spam-blacklist]].
  3. Edit [[foo]] to remove the link to
  4. Use Twinkle to roll back the edit to [[foo]].

Observed behaviour:

Twinkle reports, "Grabbing data of earlier revisions: done. Reversion completed: completed" and then redirects to the current version of the page. The reversion is not effected, though depending on how different the two revisions are, this may not be obvious to the user.

Expected behaviour:

Twinkle should conspicuously complain to the user that it cannot roll back to the requested revision because that revision has tripped the MediaWiki spam blacklist.


atlight commented Jan 22, 2013

I might have to apply for adminship on testwiki to play with this.


azatoth commented Jan 22, 2013

On 22 Jan 2013 02:12, "This, that and the other"

I might have to apply for adminship on testwiki to play with this.

Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub.


atlight commented Jan 24, 2013

Thanks Aza!!

Fixed in 3299354

atlight closed this Jan 24, 2013

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