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Add deletion sorting #143

Ks0stm opened this Issue · 2 comments

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@Ks0stm required TW to work but has since started not working and, according to John Vandenberg, needs to be completely rewritten. Instead of having a standalone deletion sorting tool that requires TW it would be nice if deletion sorting was incorporated into TW.


I did some work on a couple of delsort scripts while active on Wikipedia, though it's been years since I touched them and, frankly, I have no idea if there's anything in them worth gleaning, but in the event there is: and


What do people want from a delsort script? I found an old version of John's script sitting in an archive folder on my computer from a couple of years ago. It looks like I started to fix it up, and then realised I didn't know what people wanted their delsort script to do. Fox Wilson's new delsort script takes a different approach, one that is incompatible with Twinkle's UI structure. To be honest I don't know whether it is really any of Twinkle's business to have a delsort script...


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