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Welcome to the Twinkle wiki! Here, you will find information for coders working on Twinkle.

Development notes

  • We shouldn't use $.each anymore for simple array iteration. There's no need for it - all our target browsers support Array.prototype.forEach, which is almost certainly going to be faster - and it avoids having to worry about the index parameter. $.each is still needed for iterating safely over dictionary objects. TTO, 2013-12-17
  • AzaToth has lately been using mw.Api in new code. Personally, I prefer to stick with Morebits.wiki.api - obviously that means that we are stuck with XML, and with the slightly crazy constructor - but until we can write a light "wrapper" that talks to Morebits.status, I think we should stick to our own morebits code. TTO, 2013-12-17