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World editing and procedural generation for Minecraft SMP

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WorldEdit is a voxel and block manipulation library for Minecraft. It is primarily a library but bindings to Bukkit (included) and SPC (external) are available.


You need to have Maven installed ( Once installed, simply run:

mvn clean install

Maven will automatically download dependencies for you. Note: For that to work, be sure to add Maven to your "PATH".

Compiling branches from pull requests

WARNING: This is not recommended if you dont understand the changes and/or trust the sender of the pull request!

You need to have Maven and Git installed.

Run the following commands:

git clone -b <branch> git://<author>/worldedit.git <directory>
cd <directory>
mvn clean package

The is just a directory name you can pick at your leisure The other placeholders should be filled in from the pull request's headline:

<author> wants someone to merge 1 commit into sk89q:master from <author>:<branch> 

Issue Tracker

Please submit bug reports and feature requests here:


We happily accept contributions. The best way to do this is to fork WorldEdit on GitHub, add your changes, and then submit a pull request. We'll look at it, make comments, and merge it into WorldEdit if everything works out.

Your submissions have to be licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.

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