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The JavaScript Code Quality Tool -- Command Line Version
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JSLint, The JavaScript Code Quality Tool

Douglas Crockford


This updated version of jslint.js runs in WScript.exe, Rhino, and Node.js.

It assumes the javascript to be parsed is passed on stdin, and it writes
all errors to stdout.  jslint options can be passed at the end of the stdin
stream by including " --options { key: val }" where the keys and values
within the options json construct are any valid jslint options except "passfail".


jslint.js contains the fully commented JSLINT function.

jslint.html runs the JSLINT function in a web page. The page also depends
on adsafe.js [] and json2.js [] (which are not
included in this project) and intercept.js and init_ui.js (which are). The
js files should all be minified, and all except init_ui.js are concatenated
together to form web_jslint.js.

intercept.js augments ADsafe, giving widgets access to the clock, cookies,
and the JSLINT function.

init_ui.js hooks the HTML ui components to ADsafe.

lint.html describes JSLint's usage.

Direct questions and comments to

JSLint can be run anywhere that JavaScript (or Java) can run. See for example

The place to express yourself in programming is in the quality of your ideas,
and the efficiency of execution. The role of style is the same as in
literature. A great writer doesn't express himself by putting the spaces
before his commas instead of after, or by putting extra spaces inside his
parentheses. A great writer will slavishly conform to some rules of style,
and that in no way constrains his power to express himself creatively.
See for example William Strunk's The Elements of Style

This applies to programming as well. Conforming to a consistent style
improves readability, and frees you to express yourself in ways that matter.
JSLint here plays the part of a stern but benevolent editor, helping you to
get the style right so that you can focus your creative energy where it is
most needed.
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