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createlang plpython fails #20

natea opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Can Open-Data-Catalog be run on MacOSX? I'm trying to use it with, and getting this error:

$ createlang plpython
createlang: language installation failed: ERROR:  could not open extension control file "/Applications/": No such file or directory

It appears that the source of your problem is with OS X, but with the pre-built application.

OpenDataCatalog makes use of Postgres functions written in plpython. Here is the section from the plpython documentation that explains why it is probably not working in

Note: Users of source packages must specially enable the build of PL/Python
during the installation process. (Refer to the installation instructions for more
information.) Users of binary packages might find PL/Python in a separate subpackage.

It might be worth talking to the maintainers of to see if they are planning to add support for plpython.


BTW, I got this same error on Ubuntu 12.04. But it just turned out that postgresql-plpython-9.1 was not installed. Maybe just add this to the dependency list?

@ahinz ahinz closed this issue from a commit
@groovecoder groovecoder fixes #20 - add postgresql-plpython-9.1
add apt-get update

add git to apt-get install
@ahinz ahinz closed this in 6adcf4a
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