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Raster Vision QGIS Plugin

This plugin works with Raster Vision in QGIS to view experiment results and predict against imagery.

See http://docs.rastervision.io/en/0.8/qgis.html usage for documentation.

See https://github.com/azavea/raster-vision-examples for examples of using the Raster Vision QGIS plugin in deep learning model building workflows.

QGIS results explorer


Link the repo directory into your QGIS plugin directory. I use the Plugin Reloader to reload for testing.

e.g., on Mac OSX:

ln -s `pwd`/rastervision_qgis  /Users/rob/Library/Application\ Support/QGIS/QGIS3/profiles/default/python/plugins/

I'm using QT Creator to design the dialog UIs. Just drag over the *.ui files into QT Creator and it should open up the design component, where you can move things around, add controls, rename items, etc.

To compile the resources, run

pyrcc5 -o rastervision_qgis/resources.py rastervision_qgis/resources.qrc