Perl 6 API to the ZIP file format
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File::Zip Build Status Build status

This module provides a Perl 6 API to the ZIP file format.

Note: This module is a work in progress. Please see its project status here.


use File::Zip;

my $zip-file = => '');

# List the files in the archive
say $_.perl for $zip-file.files;

# Unzip the archive into given directory
$zip-file.unzip(directory => 'output');

For more examples, please see the examples folder.

Project Status

  • Improve documentation
  • More examples
  • Get all file members API
  • Extract a zip file using deflate
  • Write tests


To install it using Panda (a module management tool bundled with Rakudo Star):

$ panda update
$ panda install File::Zip


To run tests:

$ prove -e perl6


Ahmad M. Zawawi, azawawi on #perl6


MIT License