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This provides a simple Perl 6 object-oriented NativeCall wrapper for the OpenCV library.


use v6;
use OpenCV;

# Read the image from the disk
my $image = imread( "sample.png" );

# Show the image in a window
namedWindow( "Sample", 1 );
imshow( "Sample", $image );

# Wait for a key press to exit

For more examples, please see the examples folder.

OpenCV Installation

Please follow the instructions below based on your platform:

Linux (Debian)

  • To install OpenCV 2.4 development libraries, please run:
$ sudo apt-get install libopencv-dev g++


  • To install OpenCV 2.4 development libraries, please run:
$ brew update
$ brew tap homebrew/science
$ brew install opencv


A precompiled 64-bit windows DLL binary is already provided so it should work on 64-bit windows operating systems.


To install it using zef (a module management tool bundled with Rakudo Star):

$ zef install OpenCV


  • To run tests:
$ prove -ve "perl6 -Ilib"
  • To run all tests including author tests (Please make sure Test::Meta is installed):
$ zef install Test::META
$ AUTHOR_TESTING=1 prove -ve "perl6 -Ilib"

Development Notes

If you need to change the C++ to C library wrapper without doing a zef install ., please run:

$ zef build .


Ahmad M. Zawawi, azawawi on #perl6,


MIT License