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Toaster is a Twitter-like implementation of a notification slide-down. If you have ever changed a setting on your Twitter profile and seen the notification toaster, then you'll know exactly what this is.

Toaster can be launched automatically, or on demand.

See an example.


Include jQuery, /toaster.js and .toaster.css.

Add an empty div with an id of toaster just after the body tag of your page.

<div id="toaster"></div>

Initialize the toaster.


The toaster will automatically side-down if it detects any text inside the toaster div. So if you want the notification to automatically display when a page first loads, make sure to add text insde that div. Here is an example of that using mvc:

<div id="toaster"><%: TempData["notification"]%></div>

If you want to pop the toaster later on after the toaster has been initialized, you can call toaster on an element, calling the show method and supplying it with a message:

$('#somelink').click(function() {
	$(this).toaster('show', 'Hello world!');


To customize your toaster, you can pass options à la jquery-ui.

For example, to change the toaster's opacity :

$('#toaster').toaster({ opacity: '.95' });	


Available options are :

  • sticky: if true the toaster will stick to your window, but you can still close it with a click. If false the toaster will disappear automatically.
  • toasterHtml: set this option to completely replace the default toaster's html.
  • backgroundColor: background color of the toaster
  • color: font color of the toaster.
  • opacity: opacity of the toaster.

Currently working on

I'm going to add more default options, such as opacity & font


jQuery & jQuery UI are required.