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Desert Rustaceans Meetup Notes
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Desert Rustaceans Join us on Slack

Desert Rustaceans is a local Meetup hosted by @elbow-jason and @jacobrosethal. We meet monthly to discuss Rust, as well as our weekly online/offline study groups. Come learn Rust with us!

This repo serves as a place for us to collect links and other notes from our meetings.


The Rust book which has you playing with code right along the documentation all in the browser.

Rust by example which goes further in depth with exercises again right in your browser.

The New Rustaceans Podcast to keep your mind in the game even while you're out and about.

Of course where you get you some crates.

more links...

Talk Ideas

Want to give a talk at our meetup? Want to hear more about a particular topic? Here are some topic ideas ...

  • wasm
  • embedded
  • cli
  • networking (futures/coroutines/async await) wont really be ready until 4 months from now anyway
  • c/c++ to rust and back, ffi bindings, bindgen, unsafe
  • declarative/reactive/functional rust
  • web frameworks (api), wasm frontend!
  • whats wrong with rust, lightning talks from elixer/reason/ proponents
  • cryptography
  • cryptocurrency and blockchain
  • servo and mozilla
  • halloween special, scare me with your worst procedural macros
  • Patterns (prelude, alias, that github, unwrap_or_else match and ?)
  • antipatterns
  • mobile ios android
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