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Yet another static site generator, this time written in rust.


Virgil is incomplete and you likely shouldn't use it.

Getting Started

The easiest way to use Virgil is to install it through cargo.

$ cargo install virgil

Then create a new directory and initialize a Virgil site.

$ mkdir my-site
$ cd my-site
$ virgil init

Next you'll need to create some templates and markdown files. Virgil converts any markdown file (except anything in a _* directory) into an HTML file and recreates the same structure of files under a _site directory.

You'll then need a mustache template, by default this should be under _templates/default. You'll need a post.mustache with a {{{body}}} in it, this is where the markdown will be rendered to. Anything in the directory _templates/default/static will be copied to _site as-is.

Once your site is setup, you can generate your site.

$ virgil
# or
$ virgil build