A web frontend to the SealNote android application
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sealnote is an android application that provides encrypted journal functionality. It does so by using a sqlcipher db which can be exported/imported.

This application assumes that such a db has been exported and creates a web interface around the db.

The webserver code is mostly the example code in https://github.com/pallets/flask/blob/master/examples/flaskr/flaskr/flaskr.py Minimal changes were made to fit the new use case

How to Use:

  • Requires libsqlcipher-dev to be already installed so the pysqlcipher3 package will work on your machine
pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Edit flaskr/flaskr.py to point to the location of the DB
python3 flaskr/flaskr.py

Now you should be able to run and then type in your password and read or add notes. Once done, the db ideally should be able to be imported back into sealnote.

Work left to do:

  • Testing. I haven't verified the import into seal note
  • Styling improvements on the website
  • Commandline argument for the location of the database file
  • Automatically generate a good "private secret key"
  • Consider sending PR to sealnote to auto-export/import on close/open of the application to work better with this application