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Spring MVC integration for Swagger
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Swagger / Spring MVC Integration

This project provides integration between Swagger and Spring MVC.

Spring beans annotated with @Controller are detected and parsed for documentation.

Supported annotations

Currently, a subset of Swagger annotations are supported. Support will improve over the coming releases.

All @Controller classes are parsed, and methods annotated with @RequestMapping are generated.

Additionally, @Api at the class level, and @ApiOperation at the method level are both supported.

Not supported

  • JSON models are not documented Issue

Getting started

To wire up support, add the following into your `*-servlet.xml context:

<bean id="documentationController" class="com.mangofactory.swagger.springmvc.controller.DocumentationController"
    p:basePath="" />

The basePath property is external-facing url the maps to your SpringMVC dispatcher servlet.

This creates a controller at /apidoc from this uri, which serves swagger's raw documentation in JSON format. (eg., In the above example,

Deviations from default Swagger API

Some deviations from the default Swagger API exist. Wherever possible, these are inteded to be implemented as-well-as the default Swagger implementation, rather than as a replacement.

The overarching goal is to support generation of the Swagger JSON, with minimal intrusion to the code itself.


Declaration of errors supports the standard Swagger @ApiErrors and @ApiError annotations. In addition, there are com.mangofactory.swagger implementations of these that reduce the amount of per-method code (notably, at the cost of some flexibility)

@ApiError is now supported at the exception class level, as shown here:

@ApiError(code=302,reason="Malformed request")
public class BadRequestException {}

This allows errors to be delcared as follows:

public void someApiMethod() {};

or, simply using a throws declaration:

public void someApiMethod() throws NotFoundException, BadRequestException {};

Example project

An example of Swaggers PetStore in Spring MVC is available here

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