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this is the repository of my emacs configuration.


$ git clone
$ cd emacsfiles
$ make
$ make install


this configuration comes with a profile mechanism that lets user split and load the configurations of particular uses. As seen in the source code tree, profiles/ directory contains 4 different modules; default.el, dev.el, irc.el, org.el, android.el. To specify one, pass emacs name of the file simply;

usage examples;

$ emacs # load only default profile
$ emacs dev # load what is needed for the dev environment
$ emacs irc # erc and twittering-mode
$ emacs org # org-mode configurations
$ emacs android # load android emulator in addition to dev profile

custom keybindings

  • m-g s magit-status
  • m-g l magit-log
  • m-g f magit-pull
  • m-g p magit-push
  • m-z zsh
  • m-m run-make-command
  • m-n set-make-params
  • m-c compile
  • m-r replace-regexp
  • m-g g go to line
  • C-x \ align=