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Onejs will include itself from submodule node_modules even when passing --exclude one #8

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Mikito Takada Azer Koçulu
Mikito Takada
mixu commented

For example:

chat_foo/package.json "dependencies" has "chat": "1.0.0"
chat/package.json "dependencies" has "one": ">1.5"

When running:

onejs --exclude one build chat_foo/package.json

onejs will still try to load onejs from chat_foo/node_modules/chat/node_modules/one/ which will cause the following error

[2012-05-31 15:26:48.972] [ERROR] onejs - Failed to render template "module"
[2012-05-31 15:26:48.972] [ERROR] onejs - { message: 'unknown_partial \'path\'' }

if(error) throw error;
This can be worked around by moving "one" to "devDependencies" in "chat" but I would assume that --exclude one should work in this case?

Azer Koçulu
azer commented

I confirmed that BLACK_LIST and --exclude doesn't work for nested node_modules directories. I'm working on this issue right now.

Azer Koçulu
azer commented

fixed by recent commits.

Azer Koçulu azer closed this
Mikito Takada
mixu commented


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