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Prova Build Status

A new pragmatic JavaScript testing framework for both NodeJS and browsers. Screencast


  • No configuration needed.
  • It's quite simple, run prova command to run on Node, add -b parameter to run on browsers (browserifies for you)
  • Keep the browsers always open, it enables watchify as well, so your browser will run your tests automatically
  • Headless testing is simple as well, run tests in PhantomJS by -i parameter.
  • Beautified error output that show failing lines.
  • ChaiJS is injected to every module to avoid repeating. If you don't prefer injection, pass -V to avoid it.
  • Mostly compatible with Mocha.


$ npm install -g prova

First Steps

Create a new test document and name it test.js. ChaiJS' expect and assert modules are injected to the test modules by default;

describe('Number', function(){
  it('converts a date to a number', function(){    
      expect( Number(new Date) )'number')

Available BDD methods:

  • before
  • beforeEach
  • describe
  • it
  • afterEach
  • after

Running on Node

$ prova # It'll look modules like test.js and test/index by default. You can specify them manually; prova test_foo.js test_b*.js
OK, passed 1 test.

Running On Browsers

$ prova -b
Visit localhost:7559 to run tests on a web browser

Once you pass -b parameter, Prova compiles your source code for browsers and publishes a web page where you can run and see the test results.

Running On PhantomJS Headlessly

If you have PhantomJS installed in your system, run Prova with -i parameters to run the tests headlessly;

$ prova -i