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Custom Battleground Slavery Valley as module
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Custom Battleground Slavery Valley



This module add the battleground Slavery Valley.

How to get this module?

The module is not open source, it is only for AzerothCore contributors, if you are a contributor request this module to @Barbz or @Helias in our discord server.
If you are not a contributor yet, ask admins to get the contributor rank and afterward contact Helias on Discord.

There are many ways to become a contributor. You can help by sending PRs, testing PRs, improving the wiki, giving support to other users, etc... Contributing is not limited to programmers only, everyone is able to help. You too!

In short words, you become a contributor if you make one of the followings:

  • have at least one Pull Request merged
  • test a few Pull Requests
  • write 3 new wiki pages or (1-2 big one)

How the battleground works?

  • Any faction has 80 points (as default), the goal is decrease the points of the opposite faction by killing the players or the boss.
  • There are three bases: Mine, Restless Graveyard, Prison.
  • Restless Graveyard and Mine give you the Spirit Healer of the base.
  • Mine, if taken, buffs the team with Mine Buff, it increases your damage by 5%.
  • Restless Graveyard, if taken, buffs the team with Restless Soul Graveyard Buff, it increases your stamina.
  • If you kill a player you inflict 1 point to the opposite faction, if you take Prison you inflict 2 points when you kill a player.
  • The base Prison has no graveyard.
  • There are two bosses one for each faction.
  • When you kill a boss inflict 10 points to the opposite faction, if you took all the bases, when you kill the boss you inflict 25 points to the opposite faction.
  • If one of the two bosses die, the other boss disappear.
  • The bosses (re)spawn after 5 minutes.

SlaveryValley SlaveryValley SlaveryValley SlaveryValley SlaveryValley




This module requires:


AzerothCore: repository - website - discord chat community

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