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Eluna module
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english | 中文说明 | Español

a Eluna module for AzerothCore.

How to install:

  1. download or clone this module:

download zip file.
or clone git clone

  1. Put it in the modules folder of the Azerothcore.
  2. download or clone the ELUNA core file:

download zip file.
or clone git clone .

  1. Put it in the lua module folder:mod-LuaEngine/LuaEngine. (If you downloaded the zip-file you'll want to move all the files inside the Eluna-master folder into the mod-eluna-lua-engine/LuaEngine folder. LuaEngine.h needs to be directly under mod-eluna-lua-engine/LuaEngine without any extra sub-folders.)
  2. cmake again
  3. rebuild.

Eluna API :

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