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Cordova iOS VoIP Mode

Simple plugin to enable VoIP settings in iOS. Compatible with plugman. Built upon the Cordova Echo plugin example.

Plugin's Purpose

This cordova plug-in is created to ease the implementation of "voip" background mode in iOS Applications. The plugin enables the following background modes in an iOS App :

  1. voip
  2. audio

In addition, the plugin exposes interfaces to manage application's background state.

For more information, refer [App Programing Guide for iOS: Background Execution] (


The plugin creates the object cordova.plugins.voipMode with the following methods:

  1. voipMode.didEnterBackground
  2. voipMode.inSuspendedState
  3. voipMode.willEnterForeground

Get notified when the application enters background.

The voipMode.didEnterBackground interface can be used to get notified when the app goes to backround.

cordova.plugins.voipMode.didEnterBackground = function() {};

Execute keep alive routines when application is in suspended state.

The voipMode.inSuspendedState interface can be used to execute keep alive routines to stay connected with voip server while the app stays suspended.

cordova.plugins.voipMode.inSuspendedState = function() {};

Get notified when the application is ready to enter foreground.

The voipMode.willEnterForeground interface can be used to get notified when the app is ready to enter foreground.

cordova.plugins.voipMode.willEnterForeground = function() {};


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