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Arizona Wine Growers Contribute Form

The Arizona Geological Survey is building an interactive web map to support the local agricultural industry. For the sake of data integrity and long term sustainability of the program, we built this contribute form so that industry professionals can create and maintain their own data.

Development Setup


  • Python 2.7
    • In Windows remember to add Python to the PATH variable C:\Python27\;C:\Python27\Scripts\
  • Django 1.7
  • Pillow - Python Imaging Library (PIL) fork
    • > pip install pillow


> startproject azwineprj
> cd azwineprj
> git clone
> pip install django-hijack

Django-hijack allows superusers to login as and work as other users. See docs here

Modify azwineprj\azwineprj\

  • Add 'azwine' to INSTALLED_APPS
  • TIME_ZONE = 'America/Phoenix'
  • STATIC_ROOT = os.path.join(BASE_DIR, "static")
  • MEDIA_ROOT = os.path.join(BASE_DIR, "media")
  • MEDIA_URL = '/media/'
  • TEMPLATE_DIRS = [os.path.join(BASE_DIR, 'azwine/templates')]

Also add hijack to INSTALLED_APPS:


And add hijack redirects:

HIJACK_LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL = "/admin/"  # where you want to be redirected to, after hijacking the user.
REVERSE_HIJACK_LOGIN_REDIRECT_URL = "/admin/"  # where you want to be redirected to, after releasing the user.

Modify azwineprj\azwineprj\

  • Add url(r'^', include('azwine.urls')),
  • And url(r'^hijack/', include('hijack.urls'))

Build the database:

> python migrate

Create admin user:

> python createsuperuser

Running for Development

> python makemigrations    [create migrations for database changes]
> python migrate           [apply changes to the database]
> python runserver

Site at http://localhost:8000/ and admin site at http://localhost:8000/admin

Create user group

  • Log in to the admin site with the superuser account.
  • Add a new group called winegrowers
  • Give this the group the following permissions:
    • All under azwine | product
    • All under azwine | service
    • All under azwine | vineyard
    • All under azwine | user profile

Basic Insecure Security

For a new user to set up an account they must enter the token w1ne! in the registration form.


This application creates a geojson object from the database. It is served out at http://localhost:8000/api/rest/vineyards.

Running for Production

Modify azwineprj\azwineprj\

  • DEBUG = False
  • ALLOWED_HOSTS = [] [put host here]

Notes on Hijaking

Hkjacking can only be as a superuser account and is entered from the buttons on the Users page. To release a hijack go to the URL