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What is the purpose of this?

It's a very simple tool which identifies whether or not the server you are on in D3 is a laggy server.

Workaround for the lag issue at hand on the EU D3 servers.


  1. A Windows PC with Diablo 3 installed (it should work in OSX now, if you compile it yourself)
  2. Java SDK


  1. Download d3-server-checker.jar or git clone the repository.
  2. Run d3-server-checker.jar or compile and run with javac *.java and java ServerChecker
  3. Sit back, and enjoy the application working it's magic, now playing lag free.

What does it do?

  1. First, it will download the good and bad IPs.
  2. Second, it will parse the downloaded files: good and bad
  3. Third, it will show one of the following things, depending on status,



Credit where credit is due. This is based on the work of the awesome people who created a huge list of bad and good servers