PhoneGap plugin to use the PayPal MECL library under iOS and Android
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This plugin lets you use the PayPal Mobile Express Checkout Library (MECL)
in a Phonegap/Cordova application.
This should not be confused with the Mobile Payment Libraries (MPL), for which
there's another cordova plugin available.

This plugin has been successfully tested with Cordova 2.6.0.
Hopefully it will also work with newer releases.

What's this MECL thing?
Quoting the official documentation:

	Mobile Express Checkout Library (MECL): If you want the PayPal checkout flow to be in a browser or webview, you can use our Mobile Express Checkout Library. This is useful if you already have a express checkout integration completed for your website or if app store policies require you to complete your checkout flow in a browser. This library will help you integrate the mobile web flow into your app.

These are the key features and benefits of the MECL library provided by PayPal:
	* In-app payments
	* Quick integration
	* Credit card checkout (no PayPal account needed)
	* Supports auth/settle payments
	* Supports Recurring Payments

In order to successfully exploit the Express Checkout flow, you can use
the InAppBrowser API provided by Cordova in conjunction with this plugin.

The MECLPayPalPlugin comes in two flavors: iOS and Android.

See the documentation in each platform directory.

The offical MECL library (required to use the plugin but included here for your convenience) can be found at (look for Mobile Express Checkout Library):