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+Choosing the right event
+In order to successfully exploit routing under jQuery Mobile, the developer should have
+at least a minimal knowledge of its event system (among other things!):
+Once you're familiar with page change events, you can choose the right one in order to achieve
+the desired behaviour in your application.
+I know this may be a difficult choice, at least initially, so I'll try to sort things out for you.
+Bear in mind that the following are just suggestions that cannot replace a deep knowledge
+of the jQuery Mobile framework.
+For single-file multipage applications (you have an html file containing a lot of jQM pages):
+ * pagebeforeshow or pageshow:
+ These events are called every time a particular page is shown.
+ This is perfect to render and update a page, often using the parameters in the hash part of the url
+ * pagebeforehide or pagehide:
+ These events are called every time a particular page is hidden.
+ You can use these events to clean views or models, to free resources and clean the DOM.
+For ajax applications (multiple files containing a single jQM page):
+ * You can still use the events described above... but keep on reading, you may find a better option
+ * pagebeforecreate, pagecreate or pageinit:
+ These events are called before/after a jQuery Mobile page has been initialized. Remember that initialization
+ happens ***just once*** for a particular page (unless it's removed from the DOM, see below).
+ If you make changes to the DOM before a page or a widget is initialized, you won't have to update
+ or refresh it. But please note that if your models need to be refreshed through an ajax call,
+ you'll probably get your results back from the remote server when the page has already been widget-ified
+ by jQuery Mobile, so pay attention to this scenario and prefer the "pageinit" event, unless you know
+ what you're doing.
+ * pageremove:
+ This one is called when a page is automatically removed from the DOM by the framework. This applies only
+ to pages that were fetched via ajax.
+ When the user navigates away from a certain page, jQuery Mobile will remove it from the DOM to keep its
+ size small, unless otherwise specified (see the data-dom-cache="true" option in the doc).
+ Use this event to clean models and views references.
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