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Backbone-requirejs-example to support more recent versions of libs #65

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Hi. While browsing through your interesting code examples I noticed the Backbone-requirejs-example was based on outdated versions of libraries. So I thought I could try to update the example to better suit today's needs :)

This PR updates all the dependencies to latest versions available. The example seems to work at least on my machine but I suggest you review it before merging. E.g. I'm really not sure if all the Require.js configs are as they really should be.


Thanks for updating. Feel free to update the require.js configs to 2.0 standards. When I created this example a while back #20 I wanted to have it working with require.js, but things have evolved since then and I never had the time to update.

@azicchetti azicchetti merged commit d29c35d into from

Thank you very much!

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