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JPRQ - Ngrok Alternative

Get Your Localhost Online and HTTPS

jprq demo

How JPRQ is different from Ngrok?

  • JPRQ is a free and open-source Ngrok alternative to expose local servers online easily.
  • It allows developers to serve unlimited requests to the local server compared to Ngrok's 40 requests/minute limit.
  • It can expose multiple ports at the same time compared to Ngrok with 1 port limit.
  • [NEW] it can now expose any TCP protocol, like SSH, MySQL, Redis, etc.

How to install

$ pip install jprq

How to use

Replace 8000 with the port you want to expose

$ jprq http 8000

For exposing SSH, WebSocket, Postgresql or any TCP servers

$ jprq tcp 22

For windows users:

For exposing HTTP servers

 > py -m jprq http 8000

For exposing TCP servers

 > py -m jprq tcp 22

Press Ctrl+C to stop it

[NEW] Custom Subdomain

Replace subdomain with a subdomain you want, works with ony http tunnels.

$ jprq http 8000 -s=subdomain

How to uninstall

$ pip uninstall jprq

How JPRQ Works

JPRQ's Client-side implementation in Python:


  • HTTP Tunneling cannot expose WebSocket, use TCP Tunneling
  • Doesn't work with HTTP Long Polling with HTTP Tunneling, Use TCP Tunneling


  • With serving React, Vue or any other modern web apps, make sure you run production server or build the app and serve static files as JPRQ is not capable of exposing Websocket.
  • With serving React, Vue or any other modern web apps in development mode, you can use TCP Tunneling


jprq client-side implementation in Python







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